The collaborative projects of Tessa Blazey & Alexi Freeman


Neo lace gown
photography by Marija Ivkovic
Silver plated chain and jewellery components
Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award exhibition
Sydney 2011-2013
Interstellar gown
photography by jorge de araujo & marnie haddad
gold plated chain and jewellery components, 
acrylic tube, fishing line & disco ball motor
craft victoria Melbourne 2011
Gown of shadows
photography by marc morel & bianca christoff
acetate, spray paint and base metal
signature style exhibition
craft victoria melbourne 2013
neon relic dress
photography by marnie haddad
n e o  l a c e  c a p e l e t &
n e o n  r e l i c  c a p e l e t
photography by Kim Wearne
cosmic artefacts exhibition
pieces of eight melbourne 2012

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